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1. What is the address of the Lake Eva Event Center?
2. How many hours do you offer for set-up?
3. What is the earliest time that set up can begin?
4. How many hours do you offer for break-down?
5. What staffing is included in the venue rental?
6. What furniture is included in the venue rental?
7. Are there any decoration restrictions or limitations?
8. Does the Event Center provide in-house A/V equipment, technicians, and/or support, or will this need to be rented?
9. How do you recommend controlling sound and acoustics in the Event Center?
10. Is there Wi-Fi or internet access available for guests?
11. Is there parking available for guests? Is there a charge?
12. Is security included in the rental fee?
13. Does the facility have a liquor license?
14. Can we bring our own beet/wine/liquor. If so, is there a fee to do so?
15. Do you have staff members that are authorized to serve alcoholic beverages?
16. Can we have a food truck on premises, or if possible, inside the facility?
17. Are there any hidden costs, like a service charge, gratuity, cleaning fees, or overtime charges?
18. What is your policy regarding last minute changes or cancellations due to weather or other unexpected events?
19. What items and/or services are included in the venue rental fee?